This is a drought resistant plant that thrives more in warm climates with no risk of freeze. It is a very ornamental species and its leaves reach a length of 2-3 metres.




All Europe

Trunk height (centimetres) Container (litres) Availability
15 – 20 cm 15 l All the year
20 – 25 cm 15 – 20 l All the year
25 – 30 cm 20 – 40 l All the year
30 – 35 cm 40 l All the year
35 – 40 cm 40 l All the year
40 – 45 cm 45 l All the year
45 – 50 cm 45 l All the year
50 – 60 cm 50 l All the year

Cycas revoluta is native to Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. It belongs to the Cycadaceae family, one of the oldest plants on Earth. Its main characteristics include:

    • It generally grows to 0.2 to 1 metres tall, although in the wild and in optimal conditions it can reach 5 metres
    • It is a slow-growing plant and grows less in a pot than planted in the ground
    • The foliage is persistent and leaves grow up to 2-3 metres long
    • It performs better in partial shade than in full sun, although it is does tolerate sunlight. It is also a plant suitable for bright interiors
    • It prefers fertile soils rich in humus, slightly acidic or neutral and well drained

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