Masía Ángela has over 800 olive trees that are bagged in wire mesh and ready-to-go. We have trees up to 3.6 metres tall with trunks up to 2.4 metres wide.




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Olea europaea is native to the Mediterranean region, where it has been prized since antiquity for its fruit (olives) and the quality of the oil it makes. Its main characteristics as an ornamental tree include:

    • The century-old trees that are currently used for ornamental purposes come from ancient olive plantations
    • They can live for more than 1,500 years
    • It is a slow-growing, leafy tree
    • It has a characteristic trunk, thick and irregular, that often twists and forms winding shapes
    • It is widely used in landscaping for the relative ease with which it can be transplanted as a mature tree
    • The olive tree thrives best in warm, sunny conditions, though it can withstand freezing weather as low as -12°C
    • Pruning and selecting branches will give the tree the desired shape

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